Taking care of your hair at home is just as important as our salon services, which is why we offer a wide variety of L’Oreal products to match any hair style or type. Our professional stylists can help you choose the right products for your hair and style. We can add some of these products to your hair during our other services as well.

Brands we carry:

Coloring hair is always a challenge, which is why we at Salon d’Artistes offer a wide variety of products to match your particular hair type. As with our styling and hair cutting services, we are dedicated to educating ourselves to help you with the latest hair coloring trends and techniques to give you the look you want.

Our stylists can help you choose the best product for your hair, whether you want a non-traditional look or something that helps your hair to feel a certain way. If you’re unsure what products you want or need, we will be happy to provide a consultation at our salon to help you decide.